MPs set to leave Houses of Parliament for PS3. 5bn restoration

MPs vote to back refurbishment which is expected to see Commons move to Whitehall

Air pollution as bad for wellbeing as partner’s death, say researchers

Authors of Can Clean Air Make You Happy? say exposure to nitrogen dioxide can be as damaging as big-hitting life events

The impact on wellbeing of exposure to nitrogen dioxide, a gas mostly produced in diesel fumes, is comparable to the toll from losing a undertaking, ending a relationship or the death of a partner, research suggests.

The study determined a significant and negative association between life satisfaction and high levels of the pollutant, which causes lung problems. These consequences were substantive and comparable to that provided of many big-hitting life events, according to the researchers behind Can Clean Air Make You Happy ?.

Sarah J Knight and Peter Howley of York University took life satisfaction data from the British Household Panel Survey and UK Household Longitudinal Survey and compared it with detailed air quality records from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Given that far more people are exposed to to nitrogen dioxide than suffer unemployment or aim a relationship, Knight and Howley suggest that the benefits to society from reducing such emissions would be substantive.

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Nile Rodgers:’ Sadiq Khan seems like a totally cool guy’

The Chic frontman talks about Bowie tributes, working with Noel Gallagher and inviting Londons new mayor to his festival

Hello, Nile! Is it actually 4am where you are now?
Yes! Im in a auto on the way to the airport.

Youve said in the past that you dont sleep much. Do you think dreaming less has limited or boosted your creativity?
It has been this style since I was five years. It seems mathematically impossible for me to feel good, but I do! I actually believe I dream more even if Ive only been asleep for five minutes, Ill always wake up thinking its the next day. I go right into REM sleep.

Youre bringing Fold, the festival you curate, to London the summer months . Have you invited Londons new mayor?
That would be genius. Just before I left my house, they had Sadiqs statements about Donald Trump on CNN. I would love him to come, that would be so super-cool. Ill try and way him down. He can have VIP tickets, on me!

Itll be the first music celebration ever held at Fulham Palace . Do you think theyre worried people might dig up all the bishops interred there?
Well, I hope that doesnt happen! Folds reputation is very safe, and people are just there to have a good time. I curate each one like a local celebration, thinking about what will play well in that area. On the first night, I have Alison Moyet and the Thompson Twins, then we work our style up to funk night.

And Becks playing on the second night!
Yeah! He performed with me at the last Fold in New York. I know Beck quite well we met at an Elton John party where Chic were the entertainment. I pulled Beck aside on the red carpet, told him I wanted to work with him. We ended up in the studio. Thats a perk of Fold I set aside a week during rehearsals to work with as many artists as I can on new recordings.

Noel Gallagher lately said he was a big fan. Would you record with him?
If I worked with Noel, wed figure out something great. I love him! Hes astounding. He must be incredibly shy, because he always threatens to come to our gigs and never shows up. Perhaps I should invite him to Fold. Dude, you merely gave me an idea! Lets get him on stage at Fold. Im going to try to get in touch with him when I get back home.

A new Chic album was due out last year. Is it finished yet?
Originally, the album was going to be based on unreleased Chic material, but I started to feel that, as an artist, Ive learned a lot in the 20 years since[ Chics bass guitarist] Bernard[ Edwards] passed away, and it felt unjust to limit the album. But Im working on it. I was in California a couple of weeks ago working with Lady Gaga, and the next day I started writing a anthem with Miguel; it was so good I sang it to Justin Timberlake over the phone and he loved it.

Can you sing the song to me now?
I cant do that! The hooking will be out there and someone will sample it. But its truly catchy. I cant talk to you about the Lady Gaga music, either, but I can tell you one thing its funky.

Nile Rodgers perfoms at Hyde Park in 2015 Photograph: Joseph Okpako/ Redferns via Getty Images

As well as the London celebration, youve got a Fold happening in New York, featuring Bette Midler and the Village People. What does Bette have planned?
We havent figured it out yet. Its the first time were performing together, but we go back a long way when Chic were signed to Atlantic and had our first reach, the president of Atlantic wanted us to work with Bette Midler or the Rolling Stones. Instead, we chose Sister Sledge and came up with sungs like Lost in Music and Hes the Greatest Dancer.

So, in a parallel universe, the Rolling Stones objective up recording We Are Family?
Well, therein lies the rub: the Stones had their way of doing things. I dont think theyd have sat back on the lounge and let me and Bernard write all their songs.

Whats your favourite Village People deep cut?
I like the record that broke them San Francisco. Their first album is compositional genius; I heard it around the same day I heard Donna Summers Love to Love You Baby, and those records inspired me to be submitted with the whole Chic concept. People insure them as a novelty, but what is Kiss? What are Slipknot? Its funny that stone bands do the novelty thing and get away with it.

Did you view Gagas Grammys Bowie tribute as a success?
Yes and more. We had a massive undertaking: Gaga really wanted to tell Davids story in music, and I had to remind her we only had a five-minute segment. We figured out a way to make it run. A lot of people dont understand that we gave a lot of thought to it; it was just as much my input as hers.

Good luck with the festival, Nile!
Thanks! And if you can hook me up with the mayor, tell him its an open invitation! He seems like a entirely cool guy.

Ill get him to bring Noel along.
Awesome. That “wouldve been” ultimate hookup.

Nile Rodgers plays Fold festival on 26 June

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Funeral and vigil held for girl found dead in Holloway prison cell

A candlelit vigil was held outside the London prison where Sarah Reed, who was on remand there, was found dead in her cell in January

Hundreds of protesters held a candlelit vigil outside Holloway prison on the working day Sarah Reed, the prisoner on remand who died in her cell last month, was buried in a private household ceremony.

People braved the 30 mph breezes outside the jail, trying to keep candles lit as they listened to speakers from a number of rights groups describe what is known of the of Reeds case and the issues behind it.

Sarah Reed. Photo: Lee Jasper

Reed, who are subjected to mental health problems, was transferred from a secure mental health unit at the Maudsley straight into prison last October. She had told her family that she fought back against a sexual assault, merely to find herself facing a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Her case was ongoing when she was received unresponsive in her cell at Holloway prison on 11 January.

Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennett, of the United Friend and Family Campaign stood with tears her eyes as protesters gathered for the vigil.

We need to come out and we need to make a noise and we need to show subsistence. Everybody says black lives matter; Ive always said death has no colour when it comes to the state, she said.

Lightfoot-Bennetts twin brother, Leon Patterson, was found dead in a cell in Stockport, Greater Manchester, in 1992. She added: The country is killing us one by one. There has been 1,518 deaths in police detention and zero sentences since 1990 and that shows you that something is wrong. The[ Crown Prosecution Service] is a joke, the[ Independent Police Complaints Commission] is not fit for purpose.


Two ponies pull a carriage herse. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

When there is a death in custody, if it was me or you who killed someone they would consider that a realistic prospect of conviction.

Earlier in the day, two dappled gray horses, with white feathered headdresses, pulled a white carriage hearse to the funeral service at the Church of God of Prophecy in Nunhead, south London. About 50 mourners paid their respects to Reed, among them her parents, siblings and teenage daughter.

The service was led by Pastor Sean Roye, Sarah Reeds cousin, and her friend Anthony Reed gave a eulogy. Friends and family gathered in the bitter gale outside the church after the service, waiting for the carriage, laden with posies, to be drawn away.

At the vigil outside Holloway prison on Monday night, Patricia Lamour, of Islington-based campaign group Blacksox, led speeches. She said: We are here because the Reed family could have been our family. We are here because Sarah Reed could have been our sister or our daughter.

Its not right whats happened and we are here to demand that truth and justice is found in the case of Sarah Reed.

Wail Qasim, an activist with Defend the Right to Protest, said: 30% of women who are in prisons have been previously admitted to psychiatric units. Sarah Reeds case is just the most brutal instance of what happens when people who need psychiatric are put in prisons that are not there to help people, they are there to punish people.

In Sarahs case she should never have been remanded, she should have been sent to a secure hospital. But the fact that the prison system grinds so slowly in ensuring people receive proper care shows they are not organizations fit for a civilised society.

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New Gene Treatment Saves 1-Year-Old With Aggressive Form Of Cancer

A baby cancer patient on the verge of death may have beensaved by an innovative gene-editing technique.

London’s 1-year-old Layla Richards had an aggressive kind of blood cancer called relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia, The Wall Street Journal reports.

When chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant proved unsuccessful, physicians predicted she woulddie in a matter of months or even weeks.

Researchersfrom University College London and doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children tried a answer in French biotech firm Cellectis.

The firm developed a gene-editing tool called TALEN that alters the genes of donor immune cells so they can kill leukemia cells but not attack the recipient’s healthy cells.

This tool, which had only previously been tested on HIV patients, additionally protectsthe donor’s immune cells fromleukemia drugs that would normally kill them.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital injected the new cells and a few weeks later, Layla’sleukemia had gone into remission.

Layla remains cancer-free three months after therapy and is now retrieving at home, according to The Washington Post.

Dr. Paul Veys of Great Ormond Street Hospital told The Wall Street Journal,

Well start talking about a cure merely a year or two from now.

Cellectis is currently procuring funds for clinical TALEN trials expected to begin at some phase next year.

Matt Kaiser, head of research at UK charity Bloodwise, said such studies will determine the long-term effects of TALEN as well as what kind of cancer patients respond to it.

Accessibility would never be an issue for TALEN, as the healthy donor cells can be shipped in tiny vials to physicians, who would then need to perform only a single injection.

Layla’s miraculous recovery will be presented at the American Society of Hematology’s annual session in Orlando next month.

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