The 40 Best Cracked Quotes Of 2017

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On Reality Tv Shows :

“You’re trapped in a room with an emotionally unbalanced woman as she screams for young girl to dance while their horrible wealthy mothers complain. It sounds like a Hell designed for souls who died taking a cliff selfie, but it’s actually a fair style to describe Dance Moms . It combines all the creepiness of watching children thrust their pelvises with rich people insulting one another. It’s trashy in every style it is feasible to, and you’re now a worse person for reading about it. Sorry! “

From The 6 Lowest Of The Many Low Point In Reality Show History


On Why You Shouldn’t Hate Yourself :

“You’re not weird. You’re the spire of evolution, a wonder of nature, part of a species so mind-bogglingly adaptable that we’d already be living on the moon if the place hadn’t turned out to be so boring. It’s the world that got weird.”