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On Reality Tv Shows :

“You’re trapped in a room with an emotionally unbalanced woman as she screams for young girl to dance while their horrible wealthy mothers complain. It sounds like a Hell designed for souls who died taking a cliff selfie, but it’s actually a fair style to describe Dance Moms . It combines all the creepiness of watching children thrust their pelvises with rich people insulting one another. It’s trashy in every style it is feasible to, and you’re now a worse person for reading about it. Sorry! “

From The 6 Lowest Of The Many Low Point In Reality Show History


On Why You Shouldn’t Hate Yourself :

“You’re not weird. You’re the spire of evolution, a wonder of nature, part of a species so mind-bogglingly adaptable that we’d already be living on the moon if the place hadn’t turned out to be so boring. It’s the world that got weird.”

From 6 Facts That Will Clear Up Your Confusing Life


On Ancient Beliefs :

“Most medieval physicians had no notion what was going on or “what were doing” about it, so they would pull remedies out of their ass — literally. In medieval hours, remedies for diseases often called for the liberal application of shit. One headache remedy, for example, called for a recipe of pigeon excrement, incense, wheat flour, and egg white. Which are, incidentally, the exact same ingredients you’ll find in a Cadbury Creme Egg.”

From 6 Highly Wrong( But Hilarious) Scientific Beliefs


On Periods And God’s Law :

If I lived in biblical periods, I would run around touching everything. I would be bath time Oprah. ‘YOU have to bathe all day, and YOU have to bathe all day, EVERYONE HAS TO BATHE ALL D-AAAY! ‘ It would probably be super fun right up until they definitely stoned me to death.”

From 5 Things You Had No Idea God Hates


On The U.S. Healthcare System :

“If you live in the U.S ., you know healthcare is wildly expensive. Or maybe you don’t. Because you’re dead. From not being able to afford healthcare. Supposedly, this is all a natural consequence of the free market doing its chore. Who can control that marketplace? It is so wild. So free. Like a majestic Palomino prancing in a glade.”

From 5 Tiny Groups Of Nobodies That Are Shockingly Powerful


On Ancient Humor :

“‘Shitter, Beware’ was engraved on public toilets, private toilets, city streets, and even tombs all over ancient Rome. Whether this was a response to a genuine epidemic of vigilante turdvengeance or a sort of irreverent sanitation cautioning about hovering your wide-open anus over human remains is still being argued by historians. Not acclaimed historians, but still.”

From 5 Crazy Memes That Went Viral( Centuries And Decades Ago )


On Sexy, Young Jim Varney :

“Jim Varney, the late star of the Ernest Does Whatever movies, isn’t the first person that springs to mind when you think about hot celebrities from yesteryear. He also isn’t the second, third, fourth, or hundredth. While he spent business hours single-handedly killing the denim industry, however, Varney’s true ego looks like he could become your stepfather with only five minutes, a bottle of three-dollar whiskey, and your mom.”

Jim Varney “The whiskey’s for you. Now leave us alone for five hours.”


On The Witcher 3 :

“Every interaction that Geralt has with a woman who isn’t screaming ‘THAT SWAMP BEASTIE STOLE ME HUSBAND AND ME CHEESE’S is painful. Geralt eyefucks everything in a dress, and can’t go a minute without uttering a sultry ‘Hmmm’ grunt. And to persons who makes a big deal about was intended to get his wife back, all of Geralt’s dialogue alternatives fall into the category of ‘Fuck Now’ or ‘Fuck Later.'”

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment “I love my wife. She wouldn’t like this, and that makes it so hot. But my wife, she’s merely the best.”

From 5 RPGs That Start Great And Then Turn You Into A Lame Dork


On A Failed Invasion :

“The invasion was being planned by a group of Haitian and Cuban exiles led by Rolando ‘El Tigre’ Masferrer, a man with the mind of a skink and the sex charisma of two much uglier skinks.”

From 6 Time The News Went Totally Overboard Chasing A Story


On NASA Scandals :

“NASA promptly flipped their shit at this tawdry use of their multi-billion-dollar expedition. Congress launched an investigation, and cosmonauts Scott, Alfred Worden, and James Irwin were permanently collected from flight crew, attaining them the first people to be banned from space . “

From 5 Hilariously Ballsy Cons Pulled Off By Historical Figures


On Love Triangles Among Skydivers :

“Married mother of two Els Van Doren was caught up in a love triangle with two other members of her skydiving club: Marcel ‘Mars’ Somers( male ), and Els ‘Babs’ Clottemans( female ). Perhaps it was wise of Mars to choice two fans with the same first name — he’d never say the wrong one by collision. But it was less wise to abandon one for the other in the same house. Even less to leave the jilted lover alone with the skydiving gear. In an obvious move in retrospect, Babs got a pair of scissors, cut Van Doren’s parachute cords, and headed off to bed. One week afterwards, the trio leapt from a Cessna at 13,000 feet.”

From 5 Criminal Schemes That Seem Too Ridiculous To Be True


On David Bowie :

“Biographers of Bowie’s most fucked-up stage record that his obsession reached fever pitch at around the time he was working on his 1976 album Station To Station , which mainly involved snorting coke and reading every volume in his home. Eventually, he got really into occult topics like psychic-protection techniques, claiming that they avoided brides of Satan from breaking into his mind( insure: coke ). “

From 5 Seemingly Sane Celebrities With Bizarre Paranormal Beliefs


On Biding At A Hotel For Rich People :

“I had my eye on the 50 -ounce Australian tomahawk ribeye. I was scared off when I insured the letters MP instead of a price. It stands for ‘market price, ‘ but functions as a warn: ‘If you have to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it.’ I asked. It was $150 — roughly the same amount it cost to clean my shit out of their chairs when I heard that number.”

From 5 Route Staying At A Hotel For The Rich Messes With Your Mind


On Finding Dinosaur Sound Effect For Jurassic Park :

“Gary first heard the beautiful, haunting sound when he was at Marine World. It was an urgent, reptilian barking perfect for the dinosaur movie he was working on. He rushed to locate the source. His mind was racing — what could voice so intelligent, yet so primal !? He came upon two horny turtles plowing each other, and instead of saying, ‘Oh, that’s turtle sex. I was hoping it was something I could use for dinosaur audios, ‘ he began to record them … So the next time you’re watching Jurassic Park and those scary raptors are speaking to each other, painting a human sitting outside a tortoise enclosure, watching them fucking for a very, very long time.”

From 6 Weird Offscreen Facts About Great Movies You Can’t Un-Know


On Video Game Glitches :

“If you can maintain Big Rigs from crashing long enough to play it, you’ll find that you can drive straight through builds, and gravity and physics have little consider for you and what a truck should be doing. You can accelerate straight up mountains, and might even fly for a while — before the game realise you’re a truck again, and it crashes. It’s the greatest argument both for and against games as art.”

From 6 Absurd Questions Gamers Went To Great Lengths To Answer


On Running Backstage At A Concert Venue :

… I ran up and opened the door, apologizing to Elton John as “hes been gone” in. But he stood halfway through. ‘I want her fired. Now. I’m not leaving until she’s fired.’ I get by with ‘I’ll consider what I can do, ‘ and he stormed away … We didn’t fire her, but we constructed sure she saw pictures of whoever was performing from then on. And I can’t listen to Elton John the same route anymore.”

From 5 Depraved Things You Find Running Backstage At Concerts


On The Guy Who Changed His Name To “Spider Mann” :

“‘Most of the time, my resumes/ applications are thrown away or disregarded because of my name, ‘ Mann says … So wait, why on Prince’s purple Globe does he not just change it back, or at the least to something less outlandish? ‘I’ve had discussions about this with my current girlfriend, but I am vehemently against changing it to anything else, despite all the issues that arise, ‘ he says. ‘I genuinely believe that a name is an identity … I am strong in my feeling that this is the name that fits me and that exemplifies the type of person I am.'”

From How Legally Changing My Name To “Spider Mann” Ruined My Life


On Brain Science :

“I got to the last scan, I looked at it and laughter. I called the technicians in, and said, ‘You mixed the files? This is a dangerous person who shouldn’t be walking around, a psychopath! ‘ I had to peel back the name( on the scan ). Of course it was me.”

From 6 Scary Realities Of Working With Actual Psychopaths


On Ben Affleck’s Early Acting Career :

“The Oscar winner constructed his national debut in a Burger King commercial. In the spot, a young and preppy Affleck is driving around township when his telephone rings. It’s a young lady who’s clearly on some kind of tranquilizer asking Burger King to deliver her a Chef Salad. Rather than tell her she A) has the wrong number, or B) has grossly overestimated Burger King’s is committed to customer service, he goes along with it. He spots a nearby BK, orders at the drive-thru, and decides to pretend to be Burger King delivery guy, figuring this girl’s so divorced from reality that she may sleep with a guy pretending to be the garbage food boy.”

Burger King Once again, you know it’s ridiculous when someone wanting a salad from Burger King isn’t the weirdest part.

From 6 Justice League Actors( Who Had Hilarious Early Roles )


On The World’s Horniest Priest :

“According to one of his partners, Contin even encouraged her to ‘have sexual relations with a horse’ and, on multiple occasions, ‘beat her in the rectory, ‘ which is not a euphemism. Scummiest of all, Contin was never without his ‘briefcase full of vibrators, sexuality dolls, masks, and bondage equipment.’ Most notably, he took it along when counseling widows or women experiencing marital discord, in hopes of ‘counseling’ them back onto the path of holiness( the counseling was done with his dick ). “

From 6 People With WTF Double Lives No One Saw Coming


On Surviving A Shipwreck :

“The Robertson matriarch, who used to be a nurse, collected rainwater and fashioned the rubber resounds of a ladder into enema tubings which everyone could use to ingest rainwater they collected, well, rectally.( You watch, the rainwater wasn’t good to beverage, as the barge was not only filled with the survivors, but also tons of turtle blood and viscera .) Please imagine Jack from Lost explaining to Hurley and Sawyer that they’ll have to do this or they’ll die.”


On The Robotic Surveillance Spiders From Minority Report :

“The Justice Department is legitimately concerned with the civil rights implications of pre-crime, but has no problem with nightmare drones that torment you into complying with invasive searches? And speaking of searching, how exhaustively do you need to search an eight-year-old blonde girl to figure out if she’s Tom Cruise? Do you really need to creeping down her goddamn optic nerve to solve that mystery? We’re starting to think these policemen simply get off on traumatizing children.”

From 6 Times Hollywood Threw Raging Nonsense At A Sci-Fi Script


On Our President :

Popular disabled impersonator Donald Trump has so much evil inside him that his proctologist’s ungloved fingers now add an anus to any flesh they touch. When Trump got an MRI, the computer only showed an image of his daughter squatting over Jesus Christ and pee-pee into his missing eyes. He dodged military service with a note from his gynecologist, and the only book on war he’s read is a Hitler cat recipe book.”

From The 5 Stupidest People On The Planet( Are All Donald Trump )


On Wig Theft :

“Wigmaking was a process that took ‘six men six days working from sunup to sundown’ and a complicated pre-UPS importing system. That’s a lot of fund for something that looks like a Bond villain’s pet succumbed on your head. In fact, getting your hands on a bigwig’s big wig was such a rating that it attained other types of theft not worth health risks. Instead of slyly trying to cut a purse or pick a pocket, all a would-be bandit had to do was cut a pit or two in the back of a carriage, grab a few fistfuls of powdered perfection, and take off before their now-unsightly proprietors had any notion what reached them. Boom, that there’s a year’s worth of absinthe.”

From 6 Real Crime Waves From History That Were Hilariously Insane


On Bad Landlords :

“The camera capture Pierce’s landlord, Carlos Quijada, entering the room with his boyfriend, whereupon they began having vigorous sexuality on the renters’ sheets. To attain matters worse, this slimy landlord wiped the even slimier remains of their lovemaking on DiGiulio’s wedding dress. And while she likely wasn’t going to wear it again, this is the kind of thing that really sucks the sentimental value out of an heirloom.”

KKTV “The cops took it for DNA evidence. We … didn’t ask for it back.”

From 6 Creepy Landlords Who Will Give You Nightmares


On Tolkien Films :

“Comparing the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy to the Hobbit movies is like comparing the first time you constructed love to the first time you fell genitals-first onto a hand railing.”

From 6 True Stories Behind Crappy Movies That Explain A Lot


On Batman v. Superman :

“Hot Take Alert: Batman v. Superman: Dawning Of Justice was not a good movie. The movie blended the two most popular characters ever with the most popular Batman story ever and it still went over as well as Jared Fogle leaping out of your child’s birthday cake. The point is, you can’t abhor this movie any more even now, when you’re also picturing Jared Fogle exploding out of a cake wearing merely two inches of an Italian herb-and-cheese loaf. Some fans claim the extended, R-rated cut of the movie is better. Which in this case is like saying, ‘You have scrotum cancer, but good news: All scrotum cancer diagnoses come with a free cowboy hat.'”

From 6 Seriously Flawed Moral Decisions By Movie Superheroes


On Hitler :

“‘Hitler couldn’t stop farting and feed poop pills and was likely a junkie’ sounds precisely like something we’d make up if we wanted to make the guy look bad, for whatever reason. And yet these claims don’t come from some dodgy tabloid or a group of seven-year-olds opposing in a schoolyard — they come from Hitler’s actual medical records.”

From 7 Times History Went Straight Slapstick


On A Passageway Cut From The Bible About A Woman Sticking Her Hand In Mary’s Birth Canal, Which Causes The Hand To Burst Into Flame :

“After Mary goes into labor, Joseph finds her a midwife. The midwife then leaves and tells another woman named Salome about the wacky shit she saw. Salome is somehow skeptical of this tale and, being a reasonable female, determined on test its veracity by sticking her thumb in Mary. Mary seems fine with that, immediately ‘position[ ing] herself’ for the inspection. As soon she enters Mary, however, Salome cries out: ‘Woe for my lawlessness and the unbelief that made me test the living God. Look, my hand is falling away from me and being ingested in fire.'( That likely requires more exclamation marks .) Fortunately, an angel shows up and tells Salome to touch Baby Jesus for a brand-new hand, free of charge.”

The Morgan Library Joseph: “Hey, does that work for other body parts? “

From 7 Stories So Horrifying They Actually Got Cut From The Bible


On Survival Tips :

“If you find yourself suddenly and unexpectedly adrift at sea, you can MacGyver your gasps into a life preserver. First, take them off and tie the ankles together in a tight knot. Then lift the waistband high, hold it open, and swoosh your pants through the air like you simply don’t care( about wearing gasps; you care very much about not drowning ). Slip the legs over your head, keep the waistband underwater so that the air doesn’t come out, and then pray sharks don’t take an interest in your exposed genitals.”


On Exploring The Frontiers Of Science :

“So a few lessons to take from that. 1) No matter how cool it seems, one should never stand near a conductor during a thunderstorm. And 2) a blue ball of fire to the forehead does not give you superpowers. Still, this was a guy aroused about science, and who died doing it. That’s rad, and we’re sorry to see you go, Professor Georg Richmann. And also sorry about the lack of superpowers thing, because that would have built the latter half of the century a lot more interesting and given us a couple more articles.”

From 6 Historical Deaths That Read Like Crazy Myths( But Aren’t )


On Great Moments In Sex History :

“Way, style back, proto-humans had dick-bones, but evolution eventually replaced them with a complicated system of blood flowing and hydraulics that they are able simply fail for no apparent goddamn reason. Dick move, nature. Then again, it all actually had a valid purpose. Losing the bone from our boners built our penis more flexible, which helped facilitate sex in a variety of different positions. It’s like, have you ever seen a rigid drain snake? Of course not.

In other terms, the Reverse Cowgirl, the Spoons, the Piledriver, basically the entire Kama Sutra, all owe their existence to this mutant. Natural selection would have resulted from the fact that the first guys who could suddenly do all of those things were presumably very popular.”

From 5 Ways Evolution Designed Your Body To Be Awesome At Sex


On Vampire Prevention :

“In the early 1800 s, 200 years removed from Salem and what should have been a sobering lesson on the dangers of moral anxieties, New England persuaded itself that it was now beset with vampires. To protect themselves, residents began exhuming corpses, beheading the organs and burning their organs. That’s a whole lot of work, though, so sometimes they would merely flip the exhumed corpse over, which is apparently sufficient defense against the undead. Maybe vampires have a terrible sense of direction and are easily confused.”


On Vengeful Gods :

“At various points, the Bible dictates that children who disobey their parents should be executed, while those who taunt their parents should simply get their eyes plucked out. At one point, kids who laugh at a prophet for being bald get feed by bears. Oh, that doesn’t mean God actually, really wants children to be good. He merely dislikes kids. And you, for having children. In fact, fuck you buddy, feed your kids. Severely, God builds that menace a lot. In Leviticus, he warns the person or persons of Israel that if they fail to obey his laws, he will strike them down with famine and cancer until ‘You will feed the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters.’ In Deuteronomy, he does it again, but expands security threats to assure his people that they won’t be allowed to eat their nephews instead.”

From 6 Bible Narrative Where The Moral Was ‘Haha F* ck You, I’m God’


On The Future :

“If you’re after realistic predictions about the chances of alien invasion, robot uprisings, or Mad Max apocalyptic social disintegration, then you’re shit out of luck — there are no experts on that. And if there are, this stupid slapstick website is likely one of them. Here’s our expert prediction: Life is always going to be weird and scary, and you’ll worry about space and robots and water wars, but fantastical sci-fi scenarios are not going to kill you. Cancer is.”

From 5 Geniuses The Media Loves To Quote( Who Aren’t Experts )


On Why Modern Education Sucks :

“The word lecture comes from the Latin ‘Lectus, ‘ to read. You may have noticed, however, there is very little reading involved in a lecturing. A teacher speak, and students take notes. It should be called a ‘dicture, ‘ but everybody maintained giggling. The original lecturing was actually the practice of reading aloud to students while they literally copied down every word “youre reading”. That was done because, until very recently, volumes were prohibitively rare and valuable. So why are we still doing it when books are( largely) inexpensive, and information is freely available on the internet? “


On The Crisis Of Self-Driving Cars :

“The eventual takeover of self-driving vehicles is going to outright change the world. There are countless benefits, such as increased efficiency and the end of Fast& Furious movies, but by far the greatest outcome would be a near-elimination of vehicle-related demises. Of course, there are some downsides, too, like the near-elimination of vehicle-related deaths. A huge percentage of organ donations come from accident fatalities, so lowering collision rates will remove hospitals’ largest supplier of fresh body parts this side of backyard wrestling.”

From 5 Technologies That Will Change The World In Baffling Ways


On Old Time-Religion :

“It used to be super hard to live a sinless life, and we don’t mean that in a crazy hedonistic ‘looking at your neighbor’s ankles’ sense either. Hell, just thinking the word ‘hell’ denounces you to one of the lower circles of the Inferno for blasphemy.( Sorry .) And woe betide you if you’ve ever eaten bacon-wrapped shrimp or get a tattoo. Christianity has mellowed a lot since those days, but to people in the 18 th and 19 th centuries, Hell wasn’t simply an abstract conception — it was real and ugly and vicious and barreling straight at them for the most minor of violations. Enter the sin eater. When you were a little uneasy about your loved one’s chances for Heaven, the sin eater was the guy you called to come over and literally feed their sins and going to see Hell on their behalf.”

Edward Lewes Cutts “You got any hot sauce? “

From 7 Reasons Dying Was Embarrassing As Hell In Olden Times


On Secret Landmarks :

“If you open up the right manhole near the Washington Monument, you’ll be able to find a 12 -foot-tall replica situated altogether underground, secretly controlling the real monument’s every move. It’s one of a million points dotted across the nation used to monitor landmass, synchronize the government’s official maps, and make sure that California doesn’t try to make a run for it. It’s currently sinking into the ground at a rate of about 0.5 millimeters a year. After a few million years it should eventually reach the center of the Earth, whereupon the spirit of Washington will take control and steer the entire planet into the Sun.”

From 5 World-Famous Landmarks That Have Totally Weirdo Secrets

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