The six speeches Trump should borrow from at the Republican convention | Rupert Myers

There are many lesser figures The Donald could help bring to a wider audience in his address on Thursday. This Martin Luther King guy, for instance

Donald Trump was understood that sometimes authenticity and originality are best expressed through the language of well-known statements made by other people.

His wife Melania snuck in a few pre-loved phrases in her convention speech earlier in the week, and that went well, so perhaps Donald can too. As he sets out his inclusive, dynamic, modern vision for America, he would do well to pay gentle homage to other lesser figures over whom his majestic hair and his mahogany-tanned head stands, praying to be carved into Mount Rushmore.

It isnt theft, so much as a gentle nod to some less affluent, untalented people who Trump wants to attain famous. Here are some options:

Martin Luther King

OK sure, so we all go to sleep at night, Dr King. Theres nothing unique about that. Donald sleeps in an opulent Manhattan penthouse. When you close your eyes on 24 -carat gold and marble is available in a Louis XIV style, frankly, you have a better class of dream. The Don could try 😛 TAGEND I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and be huge: We hold these truths to be self-evident; that crooked Hillary should be in jail . I have a dream that one day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table in Trump Tower and enjoy one of my fabulous steaks. Best Trump-branded steaks on the market. Fabulous . I have a dream that my little children will one day live in a nation that I am in charge of, in which people will be judged both by the color of their skin and by their sinister religion sentences . I have a dream today .

Franklin D Roosevelt

Roosevelt died three months into his fourth term. A classic quitter. Probably lied to America about his health the style Hillary lied about Benghazi. A plenty of people are saying she should be in jail. Probably should be, dont you think? Donalds take on FDRs line is a knockout:

The only thing we have to fear is Islam, and Mexicans .

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan helped end the separation of East and West Germany, and famously at the Brandenburg gate called upon his opposite number in Russia to tear down the Berlin Wall. What a great wall that was. A top wall, it brought real status and class to the place. Germany, China, even Britain has a wall somewhere up north. Trump knows the importance of walls, and should proclaim 😛 TAGEND Mr[ President of Mexico check who that is] build up this wall .

J Robert Oppenheimer

A pointy-head scientist whose run devoted America the first nuclear bomb. Trumps fearless strategy is to eradicate the extended families of terrorists. Thank God almighty that America never took the cowards approach of submitting to the jurisdiction of the international criminal court. With his finger on the nuclear button, the Donald will have the ultimate lever to ensure America always gets a great deal. Trump can stir the base with 😛 TAGEND Now I am become your candidate for chairwoman, the destroyer of worlds .

Richard Nixon

Dickie knew America, he understood America, and he represented the entrepreneurial, can-do posture that Donald Trump is all about. Nixon had a slight image problem, just a bit of a sweaty face in Tv debates, whereas Donald knows how important it is to look slick and professional. This ones about describing a direct link between Nixons qualities as a president and Donalds own character 😛 TAGEND I am not a crook .

Abraham Lincoln

Many people say Abe Lincoln was one of the three best US chairwomen, but he got shot. Trump likes the people who dont get shot. If Lincoln had been carrying a suppressed MAC-1 0 at Fords Theatre, John Wilkes Booth wouldve tasted the sweet freedom of a 32 -round clip of 45-cal hollowpoints to the abdomen. As it is, Lincoln aimed up a loser. Still, he dedicated a half-decent speech once.

This nation, under the Christian God not the Muslim one, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the person or persons, by the people, for the person or persons, shall remember that if Hillary isnt even good enough for Bill, how can she be good enough for America ?

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