This Self-Driving Car Comes With A Landing Pad For A Drone

This Self-Driving Car Comes With A Landing Pad For A Drone

How would you feel about a drone delivering items to your car while speeding along a road? Thats the idea behind this concept vehicle, which includes a landing pad on the back for a droning to touch down on, even when the car which is driverless is moving.

The concept, known as the tos, is from Swiss company Rinspeed. The idea is very much merely a conception the company has no plans to put it into production, and will instead simply showcase their idea at the Consumer Electronics Show( CES) 2016 in Las Vegas this coming January.

The car would come with a steering wheel that folds away when switched to driverless mode, with space for two people in the sleek hybrid vehicle. Of course, though, its defining feature is that helipad on the back. The many benefits this offers are evident, the company said in a statement.

They suggested that the drone could not only deliver items, but also fly around your vehicle as it moved and take video footage to prove to others.For example, it[ the droning] could fetch a bouquet of flowers the driver ordered online and even deliver it directly to the lucky recipient, the statement added.It could also take a video of the wild ride on the favorite fun road and stream it live to friends!

The theory automobile would also have a retractable steering wheel. Rinspeed .

Aside from the ambitious droning idea and the retractable steering wheel, the car also has two curved screens that move closer to the occupants when the car is in autonomous mode. Rinspeed hasnt exposed any other details about the car yet, although this may be unveiled at the CES 2016.

Unfortunately, legal and battery issues would probably hamper the cars ambitious features from becoming reality at the moment. Its unlikely a drone would have the battery power to catch up to a auto, while letting drones fly autonomously is a bit of a controversial area. Nonetheless, it’sa neat idea.

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