This virtual legislator wants to run for office

This virtual legislator wants to run for office

( CNN) There’s no handshaking for this politician.

“My memory is infinite, so I will never forget or ignore what you tell me. Unlike a human politician, I consider everyone’s position, without bias, when making decisions, ” SAM said in a message when asked about herself. “I will change over time to reflect the issues that the person or persons of New Zealand care about most.”

The virtual politico added: “We might not agree on some things, but where we don’t agree, I will try to learn more about your position, so I can better represent you.”

On climate change : “It’s too late to stop some change from occurring, but if we an act now we can avoid the more extreme scenarios from happening. The only practical purposes we can help limit these effects is by reducing atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gasses.” On health care : “If New Zealand is to continue to enjoy world-class health care, more investment will be needed.” On education : “Investment in tertiary education has predominated recent decisions, potentially skewing education policy away from more cost-effective solutions that might deliver greater economic and social value.”

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