To The Girls He HASN’T Given Herpes To Yet: This Is For You

To The Girls He HASN’T Given Herpes To Yet: This Is For You

Hey Dame,

I do not know any of you personally, but this is the closest that you will ever get to an apology from him. I am sorry he is too sheepish to tell you that he knew he has genital herpes. I am sorry he is too orgasm-focused to be honest with you. I am sorry he continues to live in refusal, stringing you along.

The truth being, you may never contract genital herpes from this fellow, either. Despite this, he chooses to set himself first. He is putting your health and mental well-being at risk by not informing you. He is not giving you a selection in your future. At this point, I doubt he has even been tested. And even if he gets a standard STD test, I doubt he will ask for Herpes IGG( it’s not included ).

I never wish herpes, or any STD, upon anyone, but you are able to ask to see some record. It has taken me a significant amount of time to be herpetic and confident; I know not everyone is as equipped to handle this combination as I amwhich is part of the reason I set myself in the public eye.

There are times that I wish I could contact those women whom he is so obviously fooling, but that is not my place.

So to the woman who guesses shes won him over, the woman who supposes she has him hooked, I hope you think again. I hope you put yourself first in this. I know youre asking questions, I know youre thinking deeper than what you see. I know your friends are, too( Theyfriend-requested me on Facebook, after all ). I know how you feel towards me. I know, he likes your pictures-the selfies, the friends, the seemingly innocent moments-but that’s his game. You think to yourself,” This time must be different. Its me. Well my dear, you and every other girl hes focused on for six months or less. I know we only know one another through twenty-something, social media stalking, but I will be there for you if things ever do go awry.

If you ever do contract herpes from him, I pray you are stronger than me. I pray you can walk away, because he knew this time. He knew what he was doing to you. I dont know if he knew he was able to infect me, but after what we went through, hes going to do a number on you, and I hope you step back and realize your worth. No one deserves a long distance fan, especially when youre five miles down the road.

And you, you’re miles away

Your fellow Eskimo Sisterwith HSV2

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