Video Shows George Lopez Fighting Trump Supporter At Hooters

Video Shows George Lopez Fighting Trump Supporter At Hooters

George Lopez got into more than just his dinner at a Hooters over the weekend where reference is and an apparent advocate of President Donald Trump had an altercation.

In a video sent to TMZ ,~ ATAGEND Lopez was at Hooters in New Mexico on Sunday when an unknown man goaded the actor into a physical fight.

“Here comes my boy, George, ” the man says while filming. Lopez appears to grab the man at the back of the neck.

TMZ reports that a “source close to George” told them that the man had been hollering “MAGA” and “pro-Trump comments” at the comedian all night, prompting the 57 -year-old to act. Lopez was supposedly in the area filming the movie “Walking with Herb.”

It does not appear that anyone was seriously injured. A representative for Lopez did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for more information.

Johnny Nunez via Getty Images

Lopez has not been quiet about his dislike for the president, even prior to Trump’s election. On a “Late Show” appearance in June 2016 ,~ ATAGEND Lopez said: “Trump says the Mexicans love me. Let me tell you, I’m Mexican, we don’t.”

Shortly after the 2016 election, TMZ asked Lopez if he’d give the then-president-elect a chance. In response, Lopez said he’d give Trump “a chance to suck my ass.”

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