Washington( CNN) White House press secretary Sean Spicer flatly denied Friday that the White House apologized to the British government after quoting an uncorroborated Fox News report to allege that a UK intelligence agency spied on President Donald Trump at the behest of former President Barack Obama.

Earlier in the working day, however, a senior administration official told CNN that Spicer and national security adviser H.R. McMaster offered what amounted to an apology to the British government for Spicer’s remarks on Thursday, when he quoth a Fox News report that said British intelligence helped wiretap Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.

“I don’t think we regret anything, ” Spicer told reporters at a gaggle Friday afternoon. Asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta if there was an apology by the administration to the British government over the matter, Spicer replied, “No, we were just passing on news reports.”


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