Why Is Your Penis A Different Color To The Rest Of Your Body?

Why Is Your Penis A Different Color To The Rest Of Your Body?

Its a question even the most braveand petroleum would struggle to form into Yahoo! Answers: Why is it our genitals and teats are darker than the rest of our skin?

Speaking to the Daily Mail Online , Dr. Cameron Rokhsar and Dr. Lindsey Bordone both dermatologists based in New York answered this age-old question.

Turns out, its all to do with our sexhormones. The level of hormones present in our body, such as testosterone and estrogen, regulate the activity of our melanocyte cells. These are the cells in our skin and hair that release melanin, the protein pigment responsible for our skin color. Production of these rampupwhen we made puberty, hence why these dark areas merely appear to emerge when we get older.

Hormones govern the style melanocytes render their pigment, ” saidDr. Rokhsar.”Those can have an effect on the way the scalp in that area pigments, so generally that area is darker.”

When girls are young, their teats are light, Dr. Bordone added. And as they get older, hormones have an effect and the teats darken.

Its very similar for boys.

This is also the reason why so many kids have fair hair, yet grow up to have darker locks.

According to Dr. Bordone, althoughdark sexy bits are usually a normal characterstic, a change in color could be a sign of health problems, such as diabetes.Your skin can darken in certain areas when your sugars was high and youre developing diabetes, she said.Chances are it’s nothing to worry about, but if youre unsure you should consult your doctor.

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